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911 Restoration Grand Opening in Jackson

Published by 911 Restoration Jackson on December 22, 2015 in category: Current Event

Richard Lee Sims is proud to announce to Jackson, Mississippi, that we will be there for them in any matters that require a restoration company. He has years of experience in serving people a fresh start, during their time of need.

One of the most frequent disasters he encounters are floods. He wants to assure homeowners that he is more than equipped to handle flood damage. In his years of experience, he has noticed some simple things that a homeowner can do in order to save themselves a fortune in restoration costs.

How does the homeowner prepare?

One way to get ready for a potential flood is to know when one is about to occur. The best way if for them to stay informed is by staying tuned into radio broadcasts or local T.V. stations. In the event that a flood warning is issued then there are some simple things any homeowner can do to protect themselves from it.

For example, moving outdoor furniture out of the way of water before it has the chance to be swept away will prevent damage to the furniture or to a home. Put those items either in a shed, or chain them together, as this will increase the difficulty of them being carried off. As for in home damage prevention, collect your valuables and bag them. After they are in some form of air-tight container, proceed to put them on the highest shelf you can find. Family photos, and sentimental objects should take precedent over an iPad.

Sandbagging your home can be an effective way to curb the amount of water that makes it into your home, but it takes a lot more effort to implement this tactic. If there is time, then go for it. If not, make your way to a more elevated area such as an attic or a second floor. Moreover, it is imperative that homeowners keep from driving. There only needs to be about six inches of water for your car to begin being swept away.

After the Flood

A flood can leave things in disarray as things could have shifted. We recommend not touching anything or hanging out in an area that is pooled in water because flood water is a category 3 hazard. That is, it carries a lot of germs and grime that can make you sick. Instead, you should call 911 Restoration Jackson. We are more than capable of cleaning it up.

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