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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Central Mississippi

Mississippi was ranked the 7th state in the country (out of a top 10 list) for the likelihood of being affected by a natural disaster, putting commercial property owners at risk of experiencing structural damages, water damages, and other issues.

Repairing Water Damage On A Ceiling After A HurricaneJackson is a part of the tornado belt and is also located along the Gulf Coast, an area that is known for being hit by hurricanes. Some of the most notable incidents include severe tornadoes through Hattiesburg, Yazoo, and Louisville, Hurricane Isaac, and several incidents of the Mississippi River flooding.

It is impossible to prevent these severe weather systems and, in fact, they seem to become more frequent every year.

Due to the impact that storms and hurricanes can have on commercial properties, it is important to be able to rely on 911 Restoration Central Mississippi when you are in need of professional remediation services. When you hire us to repair water damage in your building, you can expect to receive benefits and services that include:

    • Around the clock customer service
    • 24/7/365 availability
    • 45-minute arrival time
    • Same day services
    • Free property inspections
    • Free cost estimate
    • Licensed, bonded, and insured workers

We want to make sure you get the fresh start you deserve after your property has been affected by a hurricane or any other disaster, so call our commercial property damage Jackson experts today.

Staying Safe In The Tornado Belt

Owning a business or income property requires a lot of work, whether it be operating a retail store, managing an apartment complex, or running a restaurant. When disaster strikes, it means more than just paying for repairs, you may have to shut down your business and lose crucial income.

Severe Rainfall In JacksonLiving in the Tornado Belt means that your commercial property is in line to be affected by intense storms, which can create structural damage, wind damage, and water damage.

911 Restoration Central Mississippi understands how important it is to act quickly during these situations, especially when your business needs to be closed until the restoration work is completed.

We implement comprehensive mitigation services that deal with all aspects of tornado and storm damage, so you never have to worry about hiring another company to finish the work.

Not only do we act fast, but we are thorough. We will inspect the entire commercial property for damages, even checking for mold growth if the conditions seem to allow for it. Keeping you safe is something we take very seriously, and we want to prove our dedication to you during this chaotic time, so call us today.

Purchasing Commercial Property Insurance Is A Must

In the event of water damage, fire, or disaster you want to make sure you are completely covered, with no surprises in your policy that may limit your coverage.

Commercial property insurance is different than homeowner’s insurance in the way that it covers more than just damages and destruction to the property, but includes coverage for damaged equipment, lost wages, and personal injury.

If you own a business it is crucial that you purchase commercial property insurance, especially if you live in an area that is frequently affected by flooding. Flood coverage can be tricky in the sense that most policies do not cover flooding that has invaded your property from outside sources, such as by an overflowing river or lake.

To make sure your commercial property is covered for all types of flooding incidents, you should look into purchasing a separate flood insurance policy. This will ensure that you are covered no matter how your business becomes water damaged.

Our commercial property damage Jackson technicians have been working with all types of insurance providers for many years, so call us today and we will assist you with any questions you may have.

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