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How to Deal With Insurance After Water Damage

Published by 911 Restoration Jackson on May 1, 2023 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with water damage is not only distressing but can also be a costly experience. However, having appropriate insurance coverage can help alleviate the financial burden. In the event of water damage to your property, here are some useful tips to help you navigate the process with your insurance company.water damage restoration insurance

  1. Review Your Policy

The first step in dealing with your insurance company after water damage is to review your policy carefully. Understand what is covered and what is not covered, and make note of any deductibles or limits on coverage.

  1. Document the Damage

Before filing a claim, it’s important to document the damage. Take photos or videos of the affected areas, and make a list of damaged items. This will help you provide accurate information to your insurance company.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you have documented the damage, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide them with detailed information about the damage and any repairs you have already made.

  1. Work with Your Adjuster

After you file a claim, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the amount of coverage you are entitled to. Work closely with your adjuster and provide them with all the information they need to make an accurate assessment.

  1. Get Estimates for Repairs

Once your adjuster has assessed the damage, you will need to get estimates for repairs from qualified contractors. Make sure the estimates are detailed and include all the necessary repairs.

  1. Keep Track of Expenses

Throughout the water damage restoration process, keep track of all expenses related to the repairs, including receipts and invoices. This will help you accurately report the costs to your insurance company.

  1. Review Your Settlement Offer

After your adjuster has assessed the damage and you have provided estimates for repairs, your insurance company will make a settlement offer. Review the offer carefully and make sure it covers all the necessary repairs.


Dealing with insurance after water damage can be a complex process, but by following these tips, you can ensure a smoother experience. Remember to review your policy, document the damage, contact your insurance company, work with your adjuster, get estimates for repairs, keep track of expenses, and review your settlement offer carefully.


Q:  How long does it take for an insurance company to process a water damage claim?

A:  The length of time it takes for an insurance company to process a water damage claim will vary. It can take a few days to a few weeks for the claim to be processed and for you to receive a settlement offer.

Q:  Will my insurance cover all the costs of water damage restoration?

A:  Coverage for water damage restoration will depend on your insurance policy. Some policies may cover water damage if it’s the result of a covered peril, such as a burst pipe. It’s important to carefully review your policy and speak with your insurance company to determine coverage.

Q:  Can I choose my own contractor for water damage restoration?

A:  In most cases, you can choose your own contractor for water damage restoration. However, it’s important to check with your insurance company to see if they have any specific requirements for contractors.

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