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Summer Showers Can Cause Water Damage

Published by SEO on July 14, 2017 in category: Current Event, Disaster Tips

Along with the heat, Jackson sees its fair share of summer rain showers, which can become a burden for homeowners throughout the season.

The high amounts of humidity that come with these summer storms can cause rain, wind and even hail. All of these elements can wreck havoc on a property, leaving behind extensive water damage.  Condensation can also build up in attics, ceilings, basements and subfloors, causing both water damage and mold infestations that are able to linger for a long time before being discovered.

Living in Jackson makes your household susceptible to summertime water damage, which is why it is so important to maintain your household all year long.

Prep Your Home Before The Summer Showers Ensue

The thing with storming in the summertime is that they tend to arrive very quickly and without much warning. This gives the homeowner a very short, if any, time to safeguard the home against the rainfall. This is why the best way to stop water damage from setting in is to take precautionary measures, instead of purely reacting to the aftermath of the storm.

Keeping your roof in good shape is another good way to keep your home dry. It takes the biggest beating during a storm, so it is very important to check the roof at least twice a year. By replacing broken shingles, repairing any cracks and checking the chimney for fractures, you can easily maintain a sturdy roof. These simple inspections will save yourself a lot of money later on down the line.

The gutters and downspouts are also very important aspects of stopping water from invading the interior of the household. These mechanism are in place to catch the rainwater that flows off your roof and to make sure that it then drains away from the structure.

When drains, gutters and downspouts get filled with debris or damaged in any way, then the water can seep into any cracks that are in the foundation of the home, potentially causing major flooding situations. By clearing them weekly you can greatly increase your chances of keeping a dry out throughout the rainy summer season.

Addressing Water Damage After The Storm

Even all the preparation you impart on your home can still not be enough when a significant amount of water envelopes the property.

When water invades your space despite your best efforts, understanding how to deal with the damage it has done can get your home back on track quickly. Hiring professionals to survey the water damage is the most effective way to begin the restoration process. This is mostly so important because a lot of the time water can find its way into places that are not seen to the untrained eye.

Water can seep into crawlspaces, walls, underneath flooring and inside attics. If the moisture is left to sit in these spaces, then the warm weather and increased humidity can cause mold to grow. By having technicians locate all the water deposits and begin extraction efforts immediately, then this stops the chances of mold, as well as limit any structural damage, including rot.

If a summer storm has impacted your home and you notice any signs of water in the interior of your home, you should immediately call professionals so they can begin water damage restoration procedures right away.

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