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The Disaster Recovery Process For Residential Areas

Published by Allegra on September 17, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

The disaster recovery processDisasters can strike anytime and anywhere, regardless of the geographical area or elevation. The causes of disasters range from floods and burst pipes to hurricanes and fires. Regardless of the cause, disaster restoration professions are asked to restore the property back in running order. Due to the nature of the steps involved, the disaster recovery process can be very complicated with many moving parts.

The exact steps required depend on your specific situation, but for the most part, this is what the disaster recovery process will look for residential areas.

You’ll Have to Provide a Few Answers Over the Phone

A disaster specialist in Central Mississippi will guide you through the process and may ask you a few questions to formulate the proper response. Your responses to the questions asked will result in efficient and expedited services. For obvious reasons, this is an important part of the restoration process.

Inspection of the Damage and Disaster Assessment

A professional will examine the affected areas and pay attention to the details. It’s important to ensure that all the damage has been discovered before a recovery plan is made, because the restoration work must take place in a certain order. For example, the fire may have damaged the foundation but you won’t know it until you pay attention.

Moreover, it’s simply not advisable to ignore such problems because this could lower the property’s values and lead to mounting costs in the future, and the expenses may not be covered by the insurance policy. At 911 Restoration, our team will make sure the disaster restoration work is thorough.

Seal Unsafe Areas

Fire and water damage can compromise the structural foundation of a house. Expect the disaster recovery team to seal any unsafe areas that could risk injuring people or causing more damage to the property.

Removing Soot and Smoke Residue

If the place was damaged by fire, it most likely has accumulated excessive debris and soot that must be removed before any remediation steps can start. The soot can cause damage to surfaces if it is allowed to linger, while the debris will make the restoration process much harder.

More importantly, removal of debris and soot will drastically improve air quality and get rid of any stubborn odors.

The disaster restoration team in Central Mississippi will often use air scrubbers and air moves to clean the air.

Removing Water and Drying the Area

Water damage due to natural disasters can be very problematic because it can cause gradual structural damage to a residential area and affect the health of your home.. The ceilings, in particular, should be prioritized because they may be on the verge of collapsing. It is absolutely essential to remove the standing water from the area. Your disaster recovery specialist may resort to using commercial pumps and vacuums to get rid of the standing water.

This will be followed by an extensive drying process to dehumidify the house. The team may bring dehumidifiers and box fans to reduce the moisture content of the ambient air. Any leftover water can be removed by mopping the area.

Porous objects in the house will be more susceptible to water damage and may not be salvageable. Items that have been affected by the water will be evaluated to see if they can be saved.. As a general rule, the disaster recovery specialist may decide to remove carpeting and rugs from the property.

Inspecting the Plumbing

If the house was affected by a flood, some of the water may have entered the plumbing system and mixed with wastewater. The disaster recovery process will also include an initial inspection of the plumbing to see check for blockage that may have formed in the pipes or if the septic tank is overflowing.

Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing

It is important to sanitize the property after a natural disaster. The professional may bring in specific cleaning products depending on the item that is being cleaned. They will also consider the type of material and how much smoke, water, or mold has affected the surface. Expect the disaster recovery specialist to ask you about items that are a priority for you.

Construction and Restoration

The final step is to return the house to pre-loss condition and performing any necessary repairs related to the fire or water damage. Depending on the type of damage, it may not be possible to salvage part some parts of the structure and require replacement. This includes, rebuilding the ceiling, replacing the electrical writing, replacing the floor, replacing kitchen counters, and more.

Wrap Up

Disaster restoration companies are always available on call and ready to respond to your situation. They will assess the damage, secure the property, begin the water restoration process, clean out any smoke, and carry out the necessary repairs. More importantly, they will stay in constant communication to keep you appraised about the process. The best fire and water damage restoration companies go above and beyond to restore your property back to pre-loss condition.

The 911 Restoration team is one of the leading disaster restoration companies in Central Mississippi. Our team is trained and experienced at restoring water, fire, and smoke damage in essential and commercial areas. We will treat your property with respect and care, and provide you with the fastest recovery plan possible.

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